Accessibility Advisory Committee

The City of Williams Lake Accessibility Advisory Committee (AAC) would like to encourage community members to nominate individuals, businesses and groups that have made a significant contribution to improve accessibility within the City of Williams Lake for the prestigious Annual Accessibility Award of Merit.

The City of Williams Lake believes that public awareness about physical and attitudinal barriers will help improve the quality of life for all disabled persons, giving them the opportunity to participate in all aspects of community life. This has been written into the City’s Official Community Plan.

The City of Williams Lake Accessibility Advisory Committee’s mission is to remove barriers which impede the full participation of persons in all aspects of community life.

 Award Nomination Guidelines:

  • The nominee has demonstrated a commitment to increase accessibility above and beyond what is required by law or regulation.
  • The nominee has improved accessibility for persons with disabilities and/or special needs.
  • The nominee must have provided a service for the citizens of Williams Lake.
  • The nominator must provide evidence in support of the nominee’s contribution and/or commitment (i.e. letters of support, newspaper / media articles, pictures).
  • Nominators may submit more than one nomination.
  • Nominators cannot nominate themselves.
  • Improvements or contributions should have occurred within the previous two years

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Individuals, businesses and organizations / groups are eligible to be nominated.
  • Businesses and organizations / groups nominated must be located within the City of Williams Lake boundaries.
  • Individuals may live outside the City boundaries, but must provide a service to the citizens of Williams Lake.
  • Categories and examples that meet nomination criteria include:
    • Accessibility of built environment – i.e. parking, indoor and outdoor, lack of physical barriers, accessible playgrounds, walkways, paths, ramps, wheelchair accessible washrooms, sufficient handrails, wheelchair height counters, snow removal, etc.
    • Housing – i.e. new low-cost housing and visitable housing.
    • Service, staffing and employment opportunities.
    • Accessible transportation – i.e. taxicabs, shuttle services, etc.
    • Health and wellness.
    • Inclusion of persons with disabilities.
    • Innovative new idea / activity / product.
      • Employing people with disabilities whenever possible.
      • Providing adequate Handicapped Parking spaces close to the main entrance to business.
      • Providing automatic door openers on heavy entrance doors and washrooms. Provide good lighting at any steps or entrance ways. Paint yellow or white strips marking the edge of any steps or lips in the flooring.
      • Provide appropriate ramps for wheelchair and stroller users for any indoor or outdoor areas. Wheelchair accessible doors must be a minimum of 36 inches wide.
      • Provide a wheelchair accessible washroom with easily opened doors.
      • Provide Braille lettering at any signs for customers to read.
      • Provide sufficient handrails beside steps in the interior and exterior of building.
      • Provide wheelchair height counters at checkouts and reception desks. Provide extra width between aisles and at the ends of aisles to allow for easier turning.
      • Provide a rest area with two armchairs or a bench with arms at each end.
      • Provide snow and ice clearing in front of business. 

Nomination forms can be completed and submitted throughout the year to the City of Williams Lake Accessibility Advisory Committee as follows. The annual deadline for nominations to be considered prior to the June award date is March 15th.                                                          
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