Bylaw Services

City bylaws are intended to keep our city clean, healthy and safe for everyone.

The goal of Bylaw Services is not to penalize the citizens of Williams Lake or visitors to our City. We strive to achieve voluntary compliance through education and the provision of information to preserve the quality of life to which each citizen is entitled.
The Bylaw Services department enforces approximately 20 different bylaws and is responsible for:

•    Investigating bylaw complaints
•    Enforcing bylaw regulations and standards
•    Achieving resolutions to bylaw infractions through voluntary compliance or 
•    Public education

While there are certain areas of enforcement that are safety related and require proactive enforcement, the majority of these bylaws are enforced on a complaint only basis. This ensures that the Bylaw Enforcement Officers are serving the needs of the community and that the complaints received are of high importance.

Bylaw Enforcement Officers enforce bylaws to deal with common complaints such as:

•    Animal Control & Licensing
•    Traffic/Parking Enforcement
•    Unsightly Premises
•    Garbage/Recycling Cart Offenses
•    Sidewalk/Snow Removal
•    Noise
•    Zoning

Often complaints are resolved amicably between neighbours. If possible, it is recommended that each resident of Williams Lake attempt to resolve their issues before contacting Bylaw Services for assistance.

To view City of Williams Lake Bylaws, CLICK HERE.

Reporting a Bylaw Infraction

When reporting an incident it is helpful to provide as much information as possible to enable conclusive and timely responses by our officers. If the concern relates to private property (i.e.. noise, garbage, unsightly property) providing the address is essential. Bylaw Enforcement Officers investigate complaints on private and City owned lands, to ensure compliance with bylaws and regulations are met, and to maintain a high level of public safety and neighborhood protection.

Complainant information is considered confidential and will not be released to the person whose property is under complaint, unless under an order made by the Provincial Freedom of Information Commissioner. In almost all circumstances, the Freedom of Information Commissioner has sided with a Municipal Policy and not allowed complainant information released, but each case may be considered individually and decisions may vary accordingly.

Bylaw Enforcement Officers approach each complaint differently, but a compliance-based response to a complaint initiates proactive prevention through a range of approaches including inspections, warnings, education and, if necessary enforcement.

If you would like to report a Bylaw infraction, please contact us:

•    by phone at 250.392.4321
•    by fax at 250.398.5623
•    by email at, or
•    in person at our offices at 230 Hodgson Road, Monday to Friday,
     8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Contact Us

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