Snow & Ice Control

CoWL - Winter Operations Facts 2024-1

Council has approved a Snow and Ice Control Policy to clearly define the objectives and standards by which snow removal is to be undertaken in the city.

While the city has always had high standards for the control of snow and ice, the policy provides more efficient procedures, and distinct priority areas in the city. It also provides residents a defined set of objectives the city is committed to achieving.

 In order to make the best use of resources and respond to public feedback, Municipal Services personnel and equipment will be prioritizing removal of snow on sidewalks along institutional routes and in handicap parking spaces. This will mean sidewalk plowing will continue to be performed along major hospital and school bus routes, but will no longer be done on some side streets. It is anticipated that snow removal will now take one day following a snowfall.

As per Good Neighbour Bylaw No. 2194 (2014), and before it, Snow Removal Bylaw No. 1739 (2000), every owner or occupier of any building or premises including any vacant lot within the City, is responsible for clearing the sidewalk of snow and ice adjacent to the property within 24 hours following a snow event.

The bylaw also states that “No person shall deposit snow or ice on any public sidewalk or other public place intended for pedestrian traffic. This includes pushing snow across streets onto the City’s boulevards.” Pushing snow out onto the traveled portion of the road surface creates a potentially dangerous situation for motorists and you could be held liable if an accident was caused by the buildup of snow.  With the assistance of our Bylaw Department, the City will be enforcing compliance of this bylaw.

By removing snow and ice on the sidewalk adjacent to your property, you are assisting in creating a clear route for your neighbours and other pedestrians.

We thank you for helping to keep Williams Lake safe and accessible.