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Bicycle Protection Program

The City of Williams Lake wants cyclists to have an enjoyable time when riding, whether it is on our roads or recreational areas. Unfortunately, bicycle theft is an ongoing concern and we would like to reduce these numbers in our city. Once a bike is lost or stolen the owner typically never sees it again because of a lack of information when reporting the loss. Our BIKE PROTECTION PROGRAM was created to help bike owners record and identify their bike and assist the RCMP or Bylaw Department identify the recovered or stolen bike. Additionally, the program was created to educate the public regarding tips on bicycle theft and safety. This free program can help reunite you with your bicycle if it is lost or stolen.


Identification forms are available at City Hall, online, and most bicycle retail stores. Bicycle Owners can complete a BIKE PROTECTION PROGRAM Identification form (including a photograph of your bicycle is always a good idea). The owner keeps this information in a safe place, in the event their bicycle is lost or stolen. If this occurs, the owner brings the completed identification information into the City Bylaw Services. This will assist Bylaw Services in identifying bikes; reuniting people with their stolen or lost bikes that they thought they would never see again.



Identification forms are available at City Hall located at 450 Mart Street. When purchasing a bicycle various stores will have forms available also.


All bike owners can access Bicycle Identification forms online on the City of Williams Lake website. Here owners will have the opportunity to print and fill out the identification form and attach a photo of the bike.  This identification form can be found at: Bicycle Registration Form

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