Personal Training

Personal Trainers

The Cariboo Memorial Recreation Complex has certified Personal Trainers on staff, Patsy Kohnke and Liz Kehler. They are registered with either BCRPA or CFES and have trained many individuals including athletes, seniors, and people with specific needs.

Top 5 Reasons to Consider a Personal Trainer


A certified Personal Trainer will help you reach attainable, realistic and healthy goals.


Without the guidance of a Personal Trainer, you run a much higher risk of getting injured. Serious injuries can delay or even reverse your progress towards your fitness goals.


You’ll SAVE TIME. You will learn exercises and techniques that are proven to be effective.


Our Personal Trainers LOVE what they do and it shows! They will engage and inspire you making your workouts something you look forward to!


You’ll work harder with your Personal Trainer then you would by yourself. You will set and reach your goals quickly AND have fun doing it!

Did You Know?

Studies have shown that 75% of people who exercise are not getting the results they want. 90% of the people who are happy with their results are working with a personal trainer. Anyone can benefit from a little extra personal attention, especially when it really does deliver results!

Personal Training - 1 on 1 (2023)
 One 1.5-hour sessions: $82.06
 Three 1.5-hour sessions: $221.58
 Five 1.5-hour sessions: $348.75


 Group Training - Two People (2023)
 One 1.5-hour session: $50.98
 Three 1.5-hour sessions: $137.64
 Five 1.5-hour sessions: $216.64

 Group Training - Three or More People (2023)
 One 1.5-hour session: $29.88
 Three 1.5-hour sessions: $80.67
 Five 1.5-hour sessions: $126.95

 Fitness Centre Opportunities for Youth

Youth 13-15 years of age who wish to work out in the Fitness Centre must include a Personal Training Plan with one of our training or  join one of our Teen Weight Training Programs. These sessions include a written workout, fitness centre etiquette and safety. Following the session or program, youth 13-15 years of age can use the facility during Fitness Centre hours providing their behaviour is acceptable.