Personal Training

Personal Trainers
The Cariboo Memorial Recreation Complex has certified Personal Trainers on staff, Patsy Kohnke, Tim Johnson and Davana Mahon. They are registered with either BCRPA or CFES and have trained many individuals including athletes, seniors, and people with specific needs.

Fitness Centre Workout Plans

There are a variety of laminated workout cards available in the fitness centre to assist you in designing a workout. These cards have pictures and directions on a variety of exercises to provide you with variety and new options.

Personal Training Plan (1.5 hours)
Are you planning to start a new training program or do you need to re-vamp your old routine?  In this 1.5 hour session, a written workout plan will be designed that suits your individual needs. A certified trainer will evaluate your fitness level and goals, and instruct you on how to effectively use weights, machines, and cardio equipment.

$71.44 (2017 - $72.87)

Friends in Training (1.5 hours)
These sessions are designed for friends who would like to share the services of a personal weight training instructor. This session will provide participants with a customized program. (Maximum is 3 friends.)

$44.38(2017 -$45.27)

3 Session Personal Training Pass (1.5 hour sessions)
Working with a Certified Personal Trainer is a great way to stay motivated and keep on track with your fitness goals.  A three session pass is an economical way to continue one-on-one training and keep your workouts fresh and innovative. Our trainer will help you overcome plateaus and push you to get the most effective workouts possible!

$192.90 (2017 -$196.76)

5 Session Personal Training Pass (1. 5 hour sessions)
More might be better! A five session pass is a budget sensitive way to continue one-on-one training and keep your workouts new and challenging.

$303.60 (2017 -$309.68)

Fitness Centre Opportunities for Youth
Youth 13-15 years of age who wish to work out in the Fitness Centre must purchase a Personal Training Plan with one of our trainers or join one of our Teen Weight Training Programs. These sessions includes a written work-out, fitness centre etiquette, and safety. Following the session or program, youth 13 - 15 years of age can use the facility during Fitness Centre hours providing their behavior is acceptable.