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The City of Williams Lake supports and encourages new businesses and strives to make the business license application process as convenient and expeditious as possible.

Business Licenses are required when any business is conducted within the City of Williams Lake.  The issuance of a Business License is dependent on being in compliance with several City department regulations.  Some of these departments requiring approvals may involve Zoning, Building, Signage, Parking, Fire and Health departments.  Regulations vary by type of business being conducted.

The owner of a business is required to contact all appropriate agencies for approvals and obtain a Business License prior to the business opening.  Submitting these approvals along with the Business License Application will provide an expeditious approval of the license.  

The cost of a business license is dependent on the classification of the business as set out in the bylaw.  Once obtained, the business license is valid for the calendar year and expires on December 31st of each year.  Business licenses are not refundable.

In any zone in which a Home Occupation Use is permitted, there are certain conditions that shall be satisfied to allow a business to operate.  These conditions are laid out in the Zoning Bylaw under Home Occupation Use, section 207.

Inquiries for new business licenses or changes to current business licenses can be made to the Planning Clerk at the City of Williams Lake at 250.392.2311.

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