Imagine Our Future

Sustainability definition:

“…development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

- Our Common Future, Brundtland Commission 

Imagine Our Future Documents


In early 2009, the community of Williams Lake launched its Imagine Our Future initiative. Imagine Our Future is driven by the idea of engaging citizens to develop a long‐term vision of a sustainable Williams Lake to provide strategic guidance to leaders in the community. Often, these types of initiatives are referred to as “integrated community sustainability planning” (ICSP) and guide the OCP Review.

The ICSP is a source of great pride for the City and the entire community. Reflecting the focus on sustainability and innovative public engagement, the City was awarded the Federation of Canadian Muncipalities (FCM) Sustainability Community Award in May 2010.

Why Integrated Community Sustainability Planning? 

Williams Lake is faced with a wide range of economic, social, cultural and environmental opportunities and challenges.  Integrated Community Sustainability Planning is an opportunity for municipalities to look at the long‐term future they want for the community and take proactive steps to move there.
It is an opportunity to engage citizens in a dialogue about what they value about their communities and what they want them to look like in the future.  
It provides an outlet for the wisdom and expertise of community members to discover innovative solutions that address social, cultural, economic, environmental, and governance challenges today while leaving a positive legacy for future generations. 

What is an Integrated Community Sustainability Planning Framework?  

An ICSP Framework is a synthesis of the ideas and desires of the community that is then used to guide short‐, medium and long‐term decision making.   The ICSP Framework is as an overarching document to engage community leaders and organizations to take proactive steps together that create a sustainable Williams Lake.  
An ICSP Framework takes a long term view, in this case 25 years, and guides the development of municipal plans, including a series of five‐year Official Community Plans (OCP).   

More on the OCP can be found here.