Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy

The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPPA) enables the public to request and obtain copies of records held by local governments within BC, when those records are not routinely available.

If you would like to request information or documents from the City of Williams Lake, and those records are not routinely available through a respective department or on the City's website (, you can make a formal request for records through the FOIPPA.

All formal requests for records must be in writing, and addressed to the City of Williams Lake, attention Legislative Services Department, 450 Mart Street, Williams Lake, BC, V2G 1N3, either in the form of a letter or via the general FOI Request for Access Form, and can be submitted via mail, fax (250-392-4408) or E-mail (

Questions can be submitted to:

Legislative Services

City of Williams Lake

Phone:  250-392-1772


Routinely Available Records Include:

  • Regular (Open) Council / Board Minutes and Reports;
  • Regular (Open) Council / Board Committee Minutes and Reports;
  • Bylaws;
  • Budgets;
  • Annual Reports;
  • Policies and Procedures;
  • Manuals, Instructions or Guidelines;
  • Statistical Information;
  • Official Community Plans; and
  • Maps

A full list of documents that are routinely available can be found at the following link: Routinely Available Documents


The City of Williams Lake is committed to protecting the personal information that is collected to support the services we offer. FOIPPA requires local governments to put in place policies and practices to ensure that personal information is properly protected, and the City's Privacy Policy establishes this. If you have any questions about the protection of your personal information, please contact the City's Privacy Lead at or at 250-392-1773.