Dog Creek Road - Public Comment

The City of Williams Lake has requested Provincial funding for rehabilitation works for Dog Creek Road from Highway 20 to the municipal boundary to address the ongoing deterioration of the City-maintained portion of Dog Creek Road. The August 23, 2021 deadline for response has now passed. 
Due to the ongoing safety and maintenance concerns caused by land movement from outside of the City’s boundaries, the City is currently considering undertaking a road closure process. A closure would result in traffic being directed to other Provincial roadways, such as Roberts Drive or Bond Lake Road, with a view to rehabilitating and reopening that portion of Dog Creek Road once ground water/slide issues are permanently addressed. This will place a huge burden on these side roads, especially with the diversion of heavy trucks.
The ongoing slides extend and originate outside of the City’s boundaries and presents challenges beyond what the City can address on its own.  As such the City continues to encourage concerned residents to send their concerns directly to the following Ministries, with a copy to MLA Lorne Doerkson at the following email addresses:
Hon. Katrine Conroy, Minister of Forests, Lands, NRO and Rural Development

Hon. Rob Fleming, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure

Hon. Josie Osborne, Minister of Municipal Affairs

MLA Lorne Doerkson, Cariboo Chilcotin

The City has sent the following letter to the Province re: transferring the City's section of Dog Creek Road to the Province.

Letter - Dog-Creek-Road---Transfer-to-Province