Emergency Preparedness

Even though emergency response teams such as fire fighters, police and paramedics will always be there to help, disaster preparedness remains an individual responsibility. If evacuations become necessary, the ESS Team would be activated to provide basic food, shelter and clothing needs. However, in a devastating disaster, it may not always be possible for local emergency response teams to assist all families as quickly as they would like. Therefore, preparations for a disaster should begin at home.

Preparing Your Home

Emergency Support Services advises everyone in Williams Lake to assemble a personal preparedness kit. Your personal preparedness kit doesn't need to be created in a day, it can be pulled together over a period of time. However, it is important that every family is prepared to provide for their basic needs for at least 72 hours following a disaster. 

In order to direct families in the creation of a personal preparedness kit, an easy to follow, 26 week assembly plan has been produced by the Provincial Emergency Program (PEP). Once your emergency kit is assembled and your emergency plan is in place, don't forget to rotate and replace items as they expire. And most important, practice your plan and update it as your family's needs change.

For more information on Emergency Preparedness, visit the PreparedBC website.