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Implementation Status

Each year, the City produces an annual report that reflects on the City’s progress in implementation of the Official Community Plan. As we monitor and track our progress in achieving the vision, we are able to adjust our actions and behaviour as needed.

Status Reports

What is an Official Community Plan?

An Official Community Plan is a general statement of the local government’s broad objectives and policies with respect to the character of existing and proposed land use and servicing requirements in the area covered by the Plan - in this case the entire City.  
The OCP serves as a foundation for all policies, regulations, and decisions pertaining to land use and development in a municipality. The Plan provides guidance for economic, environmental, and social considerations, as well as physical design and development. It promotes quality of life, future growth, community development, economic growth, provision of amenities and services, transportation systems, and affordable housing.  It also promotes environmental sustainability and targets the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the area.

Key Themes in Creating Our Future

The following themes have emerged and will be covered in a number of locations within the OCP:
  • Social Sustainability
  • Specific social sustainability themes addressed in the OCP include anticipating demographic shift, accessibility, affordable and flexible housing, neighbourhood livability, and food security.
  • Economic Sustainability
  • Specific economic sustainability themes addressed in the OCP include employment flexibility, conservation of employment lands, and creating an attractive downtown and neighbourhoods.
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Specific environmental sustainability themes addressed in the OCP include protection of environmentally sensitive areas, reductions in greenhouse gases and sustainable transportation.


Download the full version of the OCP. Or download each Chapter by clicking on the following headings:



The following maps can be found in their related chapters as indicated in () below.

Official Community Plan Amendments

Official community plan amendments may change the projected land use designation of an area or a specific property.  The policies in the plan may also be amended.  Such amendments shall continue to reflect the goals and objectives of the community.  The amendments must be approved by City Council through a bylaw process as provided for in the Local Government Act.

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