Become a Lifeguard or Swimming Instructor

Learning to lifeguard and teach swimming lessons is a great way to acquire part time or full time employment. All prerequisite courses are offered at the Complex. The following are descriptions of courses in the order they must be taken.
Lifeguard & First Aid Courses offered at the Cariboo Memorial Recreation Complex
Step 1. Bronze Medallion
Prerequisite: 13 years of age
This challenging course is the first step in becoming a lifeguard. It includes instruction in lifesaving skills, water rescue, and first aid.
bronze cross
Step 2. Bronze Cross & CPR C
Prerequisite: 13 years of age & Bronze Medallion
This programs increases the participants knowledge in lifesaving and life guarding skills, water rescue, and first aid. This course is worth two high school credits. All candidates must provide a copy of a current Bronze Medallion when they register.
standard first aid
Step 3. Red Cross Standard First Aid
This is a comprehensive first aid course which will give participants the ability to deliver a high level of first aid treatment in different environments. After completing this course, candidates will be prepared for a variety of first aid situations.
national lifegaurd service
Step 4. National Lifeguard Service
Prerequisite: Red Cross Standard First Aid within two years and Bronze Cross
This forty-four hour course develops a sound understanding of life guarding principles, good judgment, and communication skills. The course fee includes a Lifeguard Tool Kit with six airways, a pocket mask and a whistle as well as the Alert textbook. This course is worth two high school credits.
assistant and water safet instructor
Step 5. Assistant Water Safety Instructor
Prerequisite: 15 years of age and Red Cross Swim Kids Level 10 or equivalent
This course covers the foundation of instructional skills including teaching methods, learning styles, physical principles, progressions, communication, safety supervision, and feedback. The course is 30 hours plus candidates mush complete 8 hours of practice teaching.
assistant and water safet instructor
Step 6. Water Safety Instructor
Prerequisite: Red Cross Assistant Water Safety Instructor.
Instructor candidates will focus on how to apply information from the Assistant Water Safety Instructor Course and develop additional instructional skills, stroke development, drills and corrective strategies to plan, teach and evaluate the entire Red Cross Swim continuum. The course is 25 hours with 12 hours of practice teaching.