Drop-In Fitness

Drop in fitness classes are a great way to fit a workout into a busy schedule. You can simply show up, pay and join the class. Classes are diverse and cater to different levels of fitness, skill and different interests. There are also a number of drop in Aquafit classes.
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Drop In Class Payment
There are three simple methods for payment for these classes and all can be paid in cash or with debit or credit card.
  1. Pay the drop in price each time you attend.
  2. Buy 10 drop in passes at once and receive a discounted rate. These passes do not expire so feel free to stock up, especially during our annual Christmas and Christmas in July sales.
  3. The fee for these classes is included in your monthly or annual pass. Simply scan your card when you arrive and join the class.
Drop In Fitness Class Descriptions

Low Impact Fit

Light aerobics and strength exercises. Great for beginners, plus size, seniors, and anyone looking for a low impact class. Modifications in this class allow people to work at their own level.

TRX Suspension Training
This weight bearing activity uses gravity and your own body weight to build strength, power, balance, coordination, flexibility, core and joint stability.

Toned TRX
Toned TRX is our toned "down" version of TRX training. Class instruction will be geared to those participants using the TRX for the first time, 55+ participants, new to fitness or returning to fitness. The TRX system is great for toning, strengthening, flexibility, core, and joint stability. 

Balance & Agility
This FREE class at the Senior Citizen’s Activity Centre will improve strength, balance and coordination for participants. Participants with wheelchairs, canes and mobility aids are welcome to participate. 

Pump It Up
This class will shape, tone, and strengthen all of your major muscle groups. This will helpto get you into top shape fast by conditioning your lean body muscle. 

Functional Fitness
This class is designed to meet the needs of new participants who are new to formal exercise, want a balanced workout, or those returning after surgery, chronic illness, or other medical events. Functional Fitness will focus on strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility.

A blend of yoga and pilates which will focus on core stability, flexibility, and relaxation.

Fit Tuesday and Thursday - Now in the new Fitness Centre
Feel the intensity of this cardio class filled with choreography, passion and energy.  Burn calories and enjoy a different theme each week.