Wildfire Interface Area

The Wildfire Interface Area Map establishes fire hazard areas on a five-level scale. These areas are established to ensure that development takes place in a manner that considers wildfire interface risk to person and property, and seeks to mitigate that risk through design management.

Development permits may be required.

A development permit is NOT required for construction plans within the development permit wildfire interface area where:
a.    The plan is submitted for a building permit; and
b.    The plan shows compliance with the DP area No. 4 guidelines; and
c.    An undertaking is provided by the property owner understanding the affect of the DP area No. 4; and
d.    A restrictive covenant registered to the title of the property outlining this property is affected by this DP area No. 4.

Development Permits are also NOT required if any of the following apply:
a.    Where the construction, or alterations in accessory buildings or structures, is not in excess of 43 square metres;
b.    Accessory buildings made of materials that are fire resistant to a certain standard and are of low human
c.    After completion of an assessment pursuant to the Alternative for any Fire Interface Design Guidelines, a
       registered professional determines a low potential of fire hazard for the development;
d.    Any proposed structure is at least 100 metres from the forest;
e.    The land falls in the Low and Moderate Fire Hazard rating;
f.     The property owner acknowledges wildfire risks as part of building permit application process and a Wildfire
       Development Permit has been previously issued, and conditions have been met.

Please contact Planning Dept. for more information.

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