Victim Services

Williams Lake RCMP Victim Service Program

RCMP Victim Services program provides services to all victims of crime and trauma providing support and empowering victims to move from crisis to confidence.

Our Program partners with governmental and other community agencies to offer additional assistance.

Critical Incident Response:

Respond to calls from police to:
  • Provide initial incident crisis intervention
  • Provide critical incident stabilization
  • Liaise between victim and emergency personnel
  • Respond to hospital call-out when directed by police
  • Identify and address immediate and post-incident impacts of crime and trauma
  • Where necessary work with victim to develop a safety plan
  • Provide information regarding next steps or actions to be undertaken by the police 
  • Coordinate with appropriate parties/agencies for additional assistance

Criminal Justice System – Information and Support:

  • Provide information to victims about their rights under the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA)
  • Provide and/or arrange for victims to receive case specific information to which they are entitled
  • Provide information about the criminal justice system process, and roles of key parties
  • Support and prepare victims for the criminal court process, including:
    • Review with victims whether they may require testimonial accommodations
    • Arrange, facilitate and/or accompany victims to meetings with criminal justice system personnel (e.g. police, Crown counsel, corrections staff)
    • Prepare victims for possible emotional responses to court proceedings and/or testifying
    • Provide victim with court orientation by providing a courthouse tour, reviewing court room protocol, and/or providing public education materials
    • Accompany victim to court during hearings and trials
    • Provide information regarding options for travel expenses to court and assist with facilitating these processes and arrangements
    • Provide information about and assistance with Victim Impact Statements
    • Provide support to the victim upon conclusion of the case, ensuring victim is aware of and understands the outcome, and has access to necessary follow-up resources including registration for Victim Notification where appropriate.

Practical and Emotional Support

  • Provide emotional support to assist victims to cope with the impacts of crime and trauma
  • Assist victim with the completion of forms (i.e. Crime Victim Assistance Program application, Victim Impact Statement, Victim Notification registration)
  • Assist victim with accessing transportation services including, but not limited to hospital, court, police, and/or transition house
  • For victims of family and sexual violence, and with victim consent, collaborate with Community-based Victim Services and Aboriginal Victim Services.
  • In highest risk domestic violence cases, and with victim consent, make referral to Inter-agency Case Assessment Team (ICAT)

Information and Referral

  • Provide referral information about Ministry of Justice and Solicitor General supports including:
    • Victim Services
    • Victim Safety Unit
    • Crime Victim Assistance Program
    • Stopping the Violence Counselling, Children Who Witness Abuse Counselling
    • Provide referral information to community resources and other resources

Networking, Public Awareness and Education

The following activities are provided depending upon the needs of the community and the program victim service requirements. 

  • Host and/or participate in victim-related events
  • Upon request facilitate educational workshops related to victimization and safety
  • Inform other community agencies about services available to victims of crime
  • Providing support and resources in First Nations communities


Services NOT Provided:

Crime scene clean-up                                                                    Mental health services

Legal advice                                                                                        Counselling
(Victim Service workers DO NOT provide counselling)



For More Information or Assistance Contact:

Program Manager

575 Borland Street
Williams Lake, BC
V2G 1R9

Phone: (250) 392-8709
(250) 392-1273
(250) 392-1270

Fax: (250) 392-8707

The Williams Lake RCMP Victim Service Program is jointly funded by the
Ministry of Justice, City of Williams Lake and Cariboo Regional District