Perfect Mind

A New Registration System at the Cariboo Memorial Recreation Complex

We’re switching Recreation Software soon! If you had an account in our old system you will need to create a new account in our new software PerfectMind. Creating new accounts is just the first step in our transition. Creating a new account early will save you time later when the rush hits! If you sign up now it will ensure you will get important updates emailed directly to your newly specified address. Everyone who signs up, and verifies their account, before February 18, 2019 will be entered into a draw to win a one-year pass to the CMRC! Set up your account by going to

During this first phase we will continue to use the old software and it will be business as usual. All we ask is that you create an account on PerfectMind and verify it. This can be done on-line at your convenience, but you will need to verify your account in person at the CMRC at some point to receive the lower resident rate.

In the second stage PerfectMind will open for Spring/Summer program registration. This date has not yet been set but is estimated to be mid-February. (subject to change)

In March (date TBA and subject to change) our final phase will happen and all of our functions will be taken over by PerfectMind. This includes point of sale, memberships, facility bookings and much

Perfect Mind FAQs

  1. Why are we switching recreation software systems?   Our old software has become obsolete and is no longer supported. We have been using it for over 20 years and it definitely shows it age! Our new software, PerfectMind, is a web-based system that will move us into the 21st century!
  2. How do I register?   Follow this link Visit the front desk at the Recreation Complex an ask our staff to help you. 
  3. Why do I have to create a new account?   Because our old recreation software is so old, transferring data to the new system is not possible. 
  4. How do I verify my new account?   After creating your account in PerfectMind visit the front desk at the CMRC and they will do it for you. You must provide ID that matches the address and information you have provided on your new account. Acceptable ID includes drivers license, care card, utility bill, tax statement. 
  5. Why do I need to verify my new account?   All new accounts automatically default to non-resident pricing. If you are a resident who qualifies for a Rec Access Pass, or you a non-resident who has purchased a Rec Access Card, you will receive resident prices on all programs/services once your account is verified. In some cases you may not be able to register for certain CMRC programs, or with user groups such as Williams Lake Minor Hockey unless you have a valid Rec Access Pass. 
  6. What happens to all my old information in the previous Recreation software?   We will continue to run our old software until March when we fully switch to PerfectMind. After March we will have access to all information in the old system, but the two are not connected. We will manually move information over as needed/required but at some point the old system will be turned off for good. 
  7. What about Credits on my account?   On February 10th ALL credits currently in CLASS will be cleared out of the system. Anyone who has a credit will receive a cheque in the mail. Due to the volume of cheques we need to produce this could take 3-4 weeks after Feb. 10th for you to get your cheque in the mail. Cheques will be mailed to the address listed on current accounts so make sure your address is current. We encourage everyone to use their credits before February 9th to help make this easier for us.
    Any cheques returned to us as undeliverable will be kept at the front desk.
  8. What about existing Memberships on my account?   If you have an existing membership it will eventually be moved to PerfectMind. How and when this will happen is still being worked out. Once you’ve registered in PerfectMind you will get updates via e-mail as they happen. For now we continue to run the old system so it is not an issue. 
  9. What about existing Punch passes on my account?   If you have existing punch passes these will be moved into PerfectMind. How and when are still being worked out. Once you’ve registered in PerfectMind you will get updates via e-mail. For now we continue to run the old system so it is not an issue. 
  10. Will the new recreation software be better?   In almost every way the answer is “Yes”. The biggest change for public members is that everything will be available (to at least be viewed) on-line. You will be able to register for many programs and services on-line with no extra fees. As with any new software we anticipate some growing pains as we learn. Please be patient as we get it all figured out! 
  11. Can I use my old Rec Access Card for the new system?   Yes! You will need to present your Rec Access Card when you verify your PerfectMind account and the information will be entered by Staff. Once that’s complete you card will work as normal when PerfectMind goes live.
  12. Registration
    Registration for all Spring/Summer programs opens on Feb. 19th at noon

    You will absolutely require a PerfectMind account to be able to register for any program. To avoid delays please ensure you create an account in PerfectMind well in advance. Details, FAQs, and a link to create your account can be found here

    Please remember that after you create your account you must verify your residency in person at the front desk. All new accounts will automatically default to non-resident pricing until the account has been verified. Should you choose to register for a program, before your account is verified, you will be charged the higher price and we will not be able to refund the difference.

    On-line registration will be available for many programs starting on Feb. 19th at noon however, After School Care (Rec and Roll), Summer Day Camps and Swimming lessons will not be available for registration on-line and must be done in person or by phone. This is the same process as our old system.