Williams Lake

willimas lake sunset aerial-5

The City of Williams Lake is fortunate to contain Williams Lake within its municipal boundary.

This freshwater lake is home to an abundance of wildlife and vegetation as well as an important contributor to the ecosystem of the City of Williams Lake and surrounding areas.


Length: 7.2km
Width: 1.3km
Surface Area: 7.2km2
Average Depth: 12.2m
Max Depth: 24.1m

The main inflow is the San-Jose River, which flows in from the west. The main outflow is the Williams Lake River from the east, that drains into the Fraser River.


In the summer, the Lake is generally full of both motorized and non-motorized water sports enjoying the ample water surface and calm waters of Williams Lake.


In the winter, Williams Lake regularly experiences full freeze-overs. This allows for ice fishing, and at times when the ice layer is thick enough, sports to be enjoyed on the surface.