Well-Being and Safety

Cariboo Chilcotin Acute Response Table (CCART) 

Overview document [PDF]

The Cariboo Chilcotin Acute Response Table (CCART) is a risk driven response model that works in collaboration with other human service providers to identify risks before incidents occur. This model is also referred to a “Hub”. It originated out Prince Albert, Saskatchewan and has been successfully established in 100+ communities in Canada.   This model is instrumental in reducing child protection cases, violent crimes, and emergency room admission. British Columbia to date has 10 Situation Tables established of which the Williams Lake Table is one.

Community Well-Being and Safety Plan

Document [PDF] 

The Community Well-being and Safety Plan for the Cariboo Chilcotin - ‘A Framework for Collaboration and Action’ is an update to the Integrated Community Safety Initiative.  This framework provides a model for strengthening collaboration in order to collectively address well-being, crime, and community safety in the Cariboo Chilcotin.  The paradigm shift in human services, away from siloed, reactionary measures and towards upstream, multi-sector collaborative initiatives is beginning to be recognized as Community Well-being and Safety Plans are being initiated across Canada.  It is exciting to know that we are among the first 10 Cities in British Columbia working towards strategically implementing our plan.


Social Planning Council and City of Williams Lake Survey

The Social Planning Council of Williams Lake and Area and the Community Well-being and Safety Plan Initiative sponsored by the City of Williams Lake have partnered to gather input on the impacts of the pandemic on citizens of Williams Lake and the surrounding areas that use Williams Lake as a services and business centre.

The focus of the survey is to better understand the impact on individuals and households in terms of how the pandemic has affected their income, housing stability, food security, and mental health and how needs for supports and services may have changed.

The survey is online, completely anonymous and does not collect any identifying information.

The survey can be completed by following this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/pandemic-impacts-WL