Protective Services

The Protective Services Department includes fire protection, fire prevention, emergency planning, emergency support services and the bylaw department. 

Protective Services is dedicated to ensuring everyone in our community feels their homes, businesses, neighbourhoods, streets and recreation areas are safe and secure.

Positions in Protective Services include:

  • Fire Training/Inspection Officer
  • Firefighter/Paid On Call Firefighter
  • Bylaw Officer

Hear From Our Staff:

Joan Flaspohler, Williams Lake Fire Department Deputy Chief


1.) How and when did your employment journey begin with the City of Williams Lake?

I became employed with the City of Williams Lake in 1995, right after I had completed schooling with Thompson Rivers University for horticulture. The City, at that time, had just posted its first 'gardener' position for the municipality and I applied with success.

2.) What is your current role and what does your job entail?

Currently, I am Deputy Chief for the Williams Lake Fire Department. While I was employed as the gardener for the City, I decided to also volunteer my services to this other division within the City for multiple years. Subsequently through time, an opportunity came up for a full-time position within the fire department.

I anticipated that a position would eventually arise so I spent personal time and funds educating myself at the Justice Institute of BC to be prepared for this opportunity and made a decision to transition to this division. Currently, I am involved with multiple functions of the fire department. This involves operations, administration, training, public engagement and prevention for the community with life and fire safety in mind.

3.) Name one or more things you enjoy most or look forward to about your job?

Items I look forward to the most in my job:

  • Assisting the community with emergencies and challenges when they arise
  • Working with an amazing, dedicated fire department family resolving extremely difficult situations
  • Creating a safe environment for the members of the public on a day-to-day basis

4.) What is one piece of advice or tip you would give to those seeking employment with the City?

Have patience, perseverance and educate oneself for personal development with a set goal in mind.