Accessory Dwelling Units

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ADU Approval Process

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) help create a variety of housing options within our community, including the supply of rental housing. Effective ADU planning considers accessibility, sustainability, and neighbourhood character into their designs. ADUs include Carriage Houses and Garden Suites.

Accessory Dwelling Units are currently not permissible without a rezoning application.  To simplify the approval process, the City is considering amending the Zoning Bylaw 1825, 2002 to allow ADUs in specific residential zones. If the plans comply with the regulation in the Zoning Bylaw, only a building permit is required. 

Public Consultation:

As part of the consultation process to amend the zoning bylaw, the city is seeking feedback on ADUs. Please complete the Survey: 

Deadline for Feedback is February 13, 2023.  Feedback will be summarized for First and Second reading of the Bylaw. 

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An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is a small, stand-alone house located on an existing lot with the main house. An ADU can have one or two storeys and can be above a detached garage. ADUs must meet the zoning regulations and building code, and they must receive a building permit before construction.

ADUs are permitted in the back yard or side yard of the following zones:

R-1 Single-Family Residential 

R-2 Two-Family Residential * only on lots with a Single-Family Dwelling

RR-1 Rural Residential

R-8 South Lakeside Residential

A-1 Acreage Reserve